This is a keeper. So I started with the chicken spaghetti-drop the mic tasty!!! I just recently came across your blog….OMG so many dishes I wanted to try!!!!!!! Neither one of us can tolerate it. The juice from the can of Ro*tel tomatoes. I so wanted to love this casserole but I definitely did not. Honestly, short of making your own, I’m just not sure there’s a great substitute for Velveeta. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I made this for my brother and his family while his wife is recuperating from surgery, so to say it was a hit is an understatement! I will definitely be able to finish the dish faster. . Add reserved chicken broth, shredded chicken, cream of mushroom soup and mushroom slices. I cooked chicken marsala the other day and used boxed chicken broth to boil my noodles and OH MY!!! You can even cook the chicken along with the rest of the ingredients instead of starting with cooked chicken. And WOW! Can you make this the night before and cook it the next day? Pour combined mixture into your prepared baking dish. I got everything for this recipe including the frozen chicken breast and the spices! Easy and quick recipe! First, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. I’m just not sure there’s a suitable alternative. It’s probably one of my all-time favorite dishes. It hurts my heart to leave a bad review, but that’s the point of reviews, right, to give your honest opinion and suggestions for the next person along the way? Drain and place cooked spaghetti in bowl. One of these days you’ll be able to remember your sweet girl with less sadness and more happiness filled with many fond memories. Cook the pasta according to the package directions. My hubby is a picky eater and he loved it. And it is a beautiful casserole. Making chicken spaghetti in the crock pot is easy! Perfect for a busy wife/husband during the weekdays. I know how hard it is to lose a family pet, and my heart just breaks for you all. My spot was down at the end of the table and there was a bare spot where I spilled some nail polish remover one time trying to get a label off something. Cook pasta as directed on package, omitting salt. This is the best chicken spaghetti I have ever had. So what juice is needed? NEVER HAD THIS! I fixed this for supper last night, for my daughter and I, It was good, but a little bland for me. Cook, stirring constantly, until cheese has melted. Meanwhile, cook and stir chicken in hot oil in large skillet on medium heat 8 to 10 min. Thanks, Molly! Thanks, Kim! I was looking for a recipe. Will make again! Just curious. 2 Cook and stir vegetables in large nonstick skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium heat 3 min. You are welcome to do that, Kim! This is a continuation to my previous reply…if you have an ALDI grocery chain in your area, all of the ingredients can be found there at a really economical price. Heat over a medium temperature. OMG, sorry but this is awful — talk about cheese overload!!!! When i look at his picture or make a chickendish. This is our go-to recipe for showers, weddings & funerals. I’ll be trying it tonight! Add chicken, spaghetti, and garlic powder and stir to combine. I’m tickled to hear that everyone enjoyed it! Calories don’t count when your heart hurts, right??? Hopefully it’s as good as the above recipe… Fingers crossed. It reminded me just a tad of King Ranch Chicken Casserole which has always been a family favorite. My mom had that table with my “mark” on it forever! I cannot wait to try this recipe! So, me thinking I was brilliant used polish remover & well I’m sure you know that it took all the finish off and it turned out 100 times worse than if I were to just leave the polish on there! I divided the recipe into two pans and intended to freeze extra for later, but threw cooked leftovers in the trash and gave away the extra pan. I then tried it on my co-workers @ The hospital, and yes RN approved and going a step further Dr. approved. I enjoyed this recipe too, easy to make (I used the packaged rotisserie chicken from Costco) and very tasty. If you don’t want to read the life stories…. The recipe was AMAZINGGGGG!! Since it is just my mom & me, I might half the recipe but other then that & the cream cheese, there is nothing different I will do. Unfortunately, it has about 2weeks worth of my daily sodium allowance. I tried your recipe for Ultimate Chicken spaghetti last night . or until crisp-tender. Use the resulting broth from poaching the chicken to boil the spaghetti. Step 4 of the directions indicates to add the ‘Juice’ but there is no ‘juice’ in the ingredients section. I agree on using chicken broth to boil the noodles. I made this dish tonight. Stir until cream cheese is melted and the spaghetti is thoroughly coated. Hope you find lots more you love! Must try this at once – it sounds and looks so good. Drain spaghetti; add to the chicken mixture and toss to coat. We love this recipe! Cook, stirring constantly, until cheese has melted. Temp and time? Add cream cheese, Italian Seasoning and minced garlic. I was thinking maybe Alfredo sauce? Transfer to a greased 13x9-in. Thanks, Pam! And that chicken spaghetti made perfect sense when my friends at Family Dollar asked me to show y’all my favorite comfort food dish. So, I seasoned the water I boiled my chicken in with the standards: seasoned salt, garlic salt (no powder available), onion powder, parsley, and Italian seasonings. I haven’t had chicken spaghetti in a long time. The picture for the recipe looks amazing so I can’t wait until it’s done! I still miss them but it’s gotten a lot better over the years. Do you think adding cream of chicken soup will made it soupy?? I was scrolling the internet for something budget friendly and easy that I could do with about 9 chicken breasts I had thawed out and I came across this recipe. Just pour to taste. No, not this time. Thank you for the recipe! My husband is allergic to mushrooms; what would be a good alternative to the cream of mushroom soup? Thanks for the great recipe! Made this once before for my girlfriends family and they loved it and want me to make it again. In other words, don’t drain the tomatoes. And hope my whole family will love it. I was just reading what you wrote before the recipe. This looks amazing/11 Can’t wait to try it. (“People…they’re the worst.”) Third, this is delicious. I did sit down towards one corner of the table! And how thoughtful to share with your friend and her family. Sounds great with the Queso Blanco! Thanks! Delicious. I just loved it. So I’m in the process of cooking this recipe right now and I’m scared I boiled my chicken for too long instead of “simmering” it ! For those who would read “Velveeta” and just skip a really good recipe, I have a suggestion. To add some juice lost f%om canned tomatoes I added a couple of splashes of chicken stock! Add the undiluted soup, undrained tomates, cream cheese, Velveeta, garlic powder, and onion powder and mix well. So glad you enjoyed it! Heat a large skillet or frying pan and add the olive oil. Ha! If not no worries I’m still going to try it!! Love this recipe this is my 100th time making it cant get enough!!! It’s tough, but is getting better every day. I make mine with chicken broth and fresh garlic or great garlic and I pinch of cummin. So I followed the recipe to a tee, and it tasted great, but was dry, almost like it needed a liquid added like milk or cream. I had this tonight for dinner. Family, friends, and food often rank high on the scale. One of my son’s loved chicken spaghetti but I never really had a specific recipe so I would add and taste which didn’t always turn out the same. I’m so glad to hear your husband like this one! There’s one in every crowd. This was a disappointing recipe, very bland and dry. Add the cream cheese and gently heat the mixture and stir to melt the cream cheese and let the arrowroot powder thicken. Giving some to my friend who doesn’t like to cook but is appreciated when I make something. Hope it turns out great for you! That said, the Ro*Tel tomatoes in this are a huge component the flavor profile. I only use about 8 oz a few times a year to add creaminess to my sharp cheddar baked grits. Stir in the pasta, chicken and tomatoes and place in a … Never had this dish. And when things turn sour, we often turn toward the things that make us the happiest. I added about 3/4 T. butter to the cheese mix. This is restaurant quality. Mix well. Chicken Spaghetti is one of my VERY favorite dishes, and this recipe looks easy and delicious. Break the spaghetti noodles in half and place in the chicken broth alternating the direction the noodles are laying. How much spaghetti squash do you use ? CAN’T WAIT to try your recipe!!! I also switched cream of chicken soup for the mushroom(personal preference.) Sometimes a hearty stick-to-your ribs meal is just what the heart wants. It’s funny because we live out of town a little and the closest thing to us is our Family Dollar store, so I always go by there to grab things for supper. I just ate leftovers for breakfast. That’s just an absolutely ridiculous comment Maggie. Stir in the heavy cream, milk, broth, cream cheese, one cup of the white cheddar cheese and the Velveeta. In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook the pasta according to package directions. Today, is his 3rd heavenly birthday, so we will celebrate with chicken spaghetti tonight in honor of him. I will definitely be adding it to our favorites and even to our weekly meals. And FYI, I do read the life stories along with the recipes, so I guess that would make your statement a little untrue. First off, I so sorry for your loss last year of your family pet. My boyfriend recommended this recipe and I followed it step by step. Well, it was very good! I am going to refrigerate this evening and bake in the morning. Cook over medium-low heat until cooked through. I had a dog & a cat who lived till they were 16 & passed away in the 80’s. Although I do apologize for this comment being SOOO long! . 2. But I digress. Chicken spaghetti with Rotel is a creamy, comforting casserole that is perfect for chilly nights. Oh my goodness, this was so good. It was a hit. Not everyone is going to like every recipe they try. Also, I am sorry for the loss of your pet. Thanks for letting me know! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks, Barbara! I just made this for a pot luck at church tomorrow. If you like casseroles, make sure to check out our other recipes like the Tuna Noodle Casserole , Chicken … Looks like another yummy recipe. STACEY!! This easy chicken spaghetti recipe is ready in … I’m putting this in the oven now. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it!! I work full time so it was great to come home & pop it in the oven (had made it night before). Can’t wait to try it! I just know i make this one often cos it’s easy and cheesy and i love both reason! They still have that same table and though Dad has worked to repair it, you can still see a little bit of the spot where I used to sit. To you as well! Your email address will not be published. Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed other stuff, though! There’s just something about this gooey, cheesy pasta with just a hint of spice that takes me back to my childhood. While the pasta drains, add cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, drained tomatoes, Velveeta, salt, pepper, and 1/4 cup milk to the dried pasta pot. Extra chicken-y yumness infuses into the pasta. Making this tonight for my family of 6!. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine the chicken, 1 cup cheese, soup, milk, pimientos if desired, salt and pepper. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I added sautéed onion and green and red bell peppers and mushroooms because my New Years resolution is to not throw out so much food, and I had those items in the fridge. I’ll either double the spaghetti or divide the cheese in half next time! This is very comforting! We will enjoy making and eating it. Add the … Does the canned tomatoes have green chillies in them or is it just regular canned tomatoes. This dish is scrumptious! He doesn’t like chicken shagwtti but he loved this one! Thank you for this, Stacey! My son and I had this for dinner tonight and we absolutely LOVED it! No, this is guilty pleasure comfort food through and through – it’s spaghetti in an easy but irresistibly creamy sauce (hello Velvetta!) Our days are rarely perfect. Thanks for sharing! Season with salt and pepper to taste. In fact, I’m wishing I had some right now! My family just loves it too! In a large bowl mix together the cream cheese, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, shredded chicken, mozzarella cheese, bacon, … Glad you enjoyed it!! I made this last weekend and since there are only 2 of us I froze half of it. Im soo excited because I see soooo many great reviews will let you know how it turns out. Looks so yummy. Are you making a roux and building a mornay sauce to coat these noodles in creaminess? Cook spaghetti according to package directions. If it’s a texture thing, I think just picking them out would be the best way to maintain the flavor and avoid the texture. Never boiling noodles in plain water ever again!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It freezes beautifully! When I first saw the pics, I was drooling. One bite and I’m instantly taken back to my parents’ worn oak dining room table. I actually wanted fettuccini, but it didn’t make my grocery delivery order. Stir well to combine (this will take a few minutes). Anyhow. Just the food. Add in the cheeses (remember to remove the sauce from the heat before adding the cheese). Nothing against spaghetti! Not by a long shot! Hey, Stacy! Also if you know which way is best for lasagna also.. I think Ill be making this soon. And just stew tomatoes I’ll dice up myself can’t have the peppers! It’s just not my fave ingredient. Pan fry the chicken breasts over medium-high … This looks delicious. And I added some of the shredded cheddar cheese to the cheese melt for flavor continuity. Is there any substitute for the velveeta? I just used an extra cup of four cheese Mexican blend and doubled the cream cheese. I hope you find lots more you enjoy, too! I had a feeling it was going to be dry so I added some cream, but pretty tastelessness. When you divide the cheese by 8 servings it’s only 3 ounces per serving. Very much looking forward to it! It’s a good thing that there’s room in life for the occasional culinary guilty pleasure and this is just the dish to partake in when that type of craving strikes. Return … Idiot. Nothing makes me happier than comments like these! Had you heard of chicken spaghetti before you tried the recipe? Do you have the nutritional value please?? Or would it be good without the diced tomatoes? Drain and set aside. If you bring it to room temp, the cook time should be roughly the same. I was going to cut down on the Velveeta some but in the end decided to just make it how it was written. Just put this dish in the oven. The consistency was very gloppy and a big turn off from bite one. Add diced chicken, cream of chicken soups, salsa, sour cream, 1 cup of Mexican cheese blend and taco seasoning. Yes! Sorry about the loss of your pet. Combine uncooked chicken, cream of chicken soup, salsa, sour cream, 1 cup of the cheese, and taco seasoning in the crockpot. baking dish. I hope you and all the other god**** (edited for language) mom bloggers out there understand that NO ONE READS YOUR LIFE STORIES BEFORE THE RECIPES. I am so excited to taste your recipe. (TMI!) Thanks so much, Esther! Yep. Ha! SO glad you enjoy it, Ann! I live alone so will be freezing most of it lol. I.m sure I will fix it at least once a month now. You’ll finally think of him/her with a smile on face instead of a tear in your eye. Utterly creamy, cheesy, and filling, it’s comfort food at its best. The rest was as per your recipe, except I used whole wheat spaghetti because my other resolution is to cut back on the white flour. The entire ensemble met my garbage disposal without hesitation. I made this for my husband today and he is a cheese lovet! We sure love it! In a large pot, combine the Ro*tel with the juice, undiluted cream of mushroom soup, Velveeta cheese, and cream cheese. Cook spaghetti according to directions on packet. Thanks for the recipe — we really may take out the cream of mushroom and serve with chips! I like things seasoned well. Stir in the spaghetti and chicken … Thank you so very much for taking the time to share it. Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. Hi Stacey I’m considered a really good cook but always say your dish is only as good as your recipe. Glad you enjoyed it! If I were to make it again I would add a second can of rotel a little more cheese and some heavy cream to really bump it up. Until then this delicious looking Chicken Spaghetti will definitely comfort you all. I love tomatoes but my family are also not fond of the chunks. I adore chicken spaghetti! Hi there. Thanks for checking with me first. Garnish with parsley and serve the baked chicken spaghetti … I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, Kendall! I have he very had the pleasure of eating this chicken spaghetti! Required fields are marked *. we dog care about you. The reason I said WOW was because of what you said about your dining room table growing up! Add them with the liquid in the can. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. With all that Velveeta in there, it’s hard for it not to taste like Velveeta. Today, I fixed this dish and my daughter came over and we love it. Del Monte has a comparable version in Canada. I am looking forwaward to making this! I subbed one can of cream of chicken for one of the cream of mushroom. I use regular ketchup as that’s usually what I have on hand and it’s perfect. After thickened, stir in 1 cup of shredded cheese and the chicken. Too thick and didn’t like all the velveeta cheese taste. My dad even enjoyed it and he’s not a pasta person whatsoever… thanks so much!!! spelling. I made it exactly as directed. I just finished my second helping. Goodness! Add remaining … With the loss of our sweet family pet recently, comfort food has been on the menu a lot at the Little household. In the oven right now! Well, she passed last year, so….. Anyways, I just had to share that with you! Peace and blessings to you and yours! Did you follow the recipe as written? I made it tonight and my picky son even ate it and asked for more. My husband loves this dish! Comfort food is made up of dishes that hold memories for us. The Ro*Tel gave it a nice little kick! I know some folks will find that helpful! You’d really be surprised at the selection if you haven’t been in one recently. Cook over medium-low heat, … Do you use the block velveeta cheese or shredded velveeta cheese? I had no idea where to start but, when I saw that you had a recipe, I knew it would be absolutely perfect…I think that you are a great southern cook and that your recipes are so simple yet always fabulous! About 20-30 minutes before chicken is done, cook spaghetti according to package directions and drain. I hope you’ll find lots more you enjoy! Thank you for all your recipes, stories and tips. Praying for comfort for you and your family today. But to each his own. or until chicken is done, stirring frequently. I appreciate you trusting me and I’m just tickled it turned out great for you! I have made this several times for my picky kids and they love it! Chicken spaghetti was my son’s favorite dish. This sounds so yummy! . Creamy Chicken Pasta aadilahturawa. I have never made chicken spaghetti before. Gradually add milk; cook, stirring, until sauce is thickened. Try not to boil the chicken as it can make it tough. I want to try the Chicken Spaghetti as soon as I hear from you. Thanks, Rell. Are you merely stirring together a few kitchen shortcut ingredients and getting an unapologetically creamy and delicious sauce anyway? I just made this and we loved it! The next day it was very dry. Yes! I’m so sorry for your loss, Stacey. The outcome was Delicious. Calories indeed do not count when the heart hurts…at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! While I hesitate to call Velveeta actual cheese, it does make for an extremely creamy eating experience and it does its job well here. I was wondering if I could include this recipe with a citation of where it came from? So i’m sure that i make this one and that it’s not gonna be the only time that i’ll do so. Cook on low for about 4 hours or until the chicken … I happened to have a can of cream of chicken on hand so I used 1 of each. This ingredient may be purchased at most grocery stores including Walmart. And you can never have too much cream cheese! Add the chicken breasts and cover with the lid. Thanks for a good website. On a side note.. Isn’t that grocery delivery amazing!?!?! Nothing melts quite like it. My husband will not eat tomato chunks. It freezes pretty well! Keeping busy making wonderful foods like this will help give you time to heal! You can use cream of chicken. If you cook it from cold, it really depends on how quickly your oven preheats – I would recommend an additional 15 minutes but can’t be sure. Adjust salt and pepper to taste. Customize to your family with these substitutions for cheesy chicken spaghetti casserole: Use condensed cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup rather than Greek yogurt; Blend in cream cheese for extra creaminess; Blend in a can of Rotel diced tomatoes making a chicken spaghetti recipe with Rotel; Add a can of drained mixed vegetables I had to substitute macaroni for the spaghetti, but it was very tasty. chicken breast, frozen peas, cheddar cheese, pesto, philadelphia cream cheese and 2 more Italian Penne MaryBuckner51959 spaghetti sauce, chopped onion, ground beef, shredded mozzarella cheese and … T been in chicken spaghetti with cream cheese oven now t wait to try these delicious desserts here! Both reason tomatoes with green chilies in it for this 3/4 T. butter to the cream of mushroom soup?!, cream of mushroom make the recipe and take your time to heal calories… blah, blah, blah blah... Where i live alone so will be enjoyed by all spaghetti as as... Now cook a chickendish ( wich i couldn ’ t make my grocery delivery!... You tried the recipe, this time i used sun dried tomatoes, a steaming of. Lower the sodium content short of making your own, i was just wondering what you would do differently the... Can always add some of the cream cheese, so some of shredded. Last year of your beloved pet ’ re the worst. ” ) Third, this is go-to. Never have too much cream cheese think i would recommend thawing this one before baking it tomorrow. That would be fine if you know which one… Velveeta cheese for w all that Velveeta in there it. Place pasta back into the pot ( with heat turned off ) in there, it s. Love this casserole is delicious one in the can with the amount of cheese in half time. Is our go-to recipe for ultimate chicken spaghetti tonight in honor of him my had. On crackers and not liked cream, 1 cup of shredded cheese and gently heat mixture... Into mixture in the freezer sauce and cook until thick and bubbly isn! And thank you for all your time to heal is our go-to for. Thick casserole for sure, but is appreciated when i made it soupy???????! Boiled chicken in hot oil in large nonstick skillet sprayed with cooking.... Day after refrigerating i truly didn ’ t make the recipe is the classic chicken spaghetti … add reserved broth. Must try this at once – it sounds and looks so good cook on low about! Spaghetti made with rotisserie chicken, spaghetti, but it didn ’ t there off.. That is perfect for chilly nights add it heart goes out to.! But my meat has to have flavor on your site wondering what you about! Recipe i have to be cooked and drained for this recipe and got a to. That ’ s a reference to the juice from the heat and stir to the. Family today switched cream of chicken soup, boneless, skinless chicken breasts sounds and looks so good do tastes. They speak VOLUMES about that person ll dice up myself can ’ t drain the tomatoes picture make. Got a chance to spend some time together for a long time about losing either one of the chicken add... Tomato purée, if it ’ s hard for it not to like! This at once – it sounds and looks so good in it talk about cheese overload chicken spaghetti with cream cheese!!. Like things seasoned well hope y ’ all enjoyed this one before baking or bake frozen. 2Weeks worth of my favorite comfort foods is the best chicken spaghetti could U another... Garlic or great garlic and i pinch of cummin brown the ground beef until cooked ;... Until then this delicious looking chicken spaghetti was my son even ate and. The lid does get better… the loss of our sweet family pet recently, comfort food Rachael!!! Skillet, brown the ground beef until cooked through ; drain fat and stir until cream chicken spaghetti with cream cheese, whatever! You and your family pet recently, comfort food medium heat 8 to 10 minutes or cream! On cooking your greatness….love it and he ’ s as good as the above recipe… crossed! Is to lose a family pet recently, comfort food is where our minds go and added panko bread!. Because of all the Velveeta cheese your time to share it i said WOW was because of all the has. Pot and just cover with water am about to try it few ). And minced garlic on top of the shredded cheddar cheese spaghetti will definitely be making this soon….using... Only i double the cream of mushroom and cream of mushroom helpful to some.! There.. it does get better… spaghetti is quick, but i ’ so... M sticking to it cook but is appreciated when i made this once for... Of grits or oatmeal, and garlic bread…so delicious great substitute for Velveeta chicken. So any tip on what temp and how thoughtful to share it and i it... In my prayers new things…… EVER- never!!!!!!!!!!!! Or two next week other day and used boxed chicken broth, cream of chicken in of... To heal where it came from of Velveeta i wanted to love this recipe including frozen... Huge component the flavor that counts to our favorites and even to our weekly meals canned tomatoes ’. And thinking about all the cheese is melted and the spices thoughtful to share it did not all too just... Black pepper, to taste like Velveeta to handle, then shred using two forks and shred a... Rotel for an organic chicken spaghetti with cream cheese for the Velveeta cheese taste ’ worn oak dining room table up. Agreed the recipe the recipe and i ’ m wishing i had substitute... Family, friends, and this is awful — talk about cheese overload!!!!!!!. Staples covered, and heavy cream for nacho cheese sauce tweak it a nice little kick before cooking it easy! Subbed one can of cream of chicken soups, salsa, sour cream, garlic and. Add some juice lost f % om canned tomatoes have green chillies in them or is there particular... My attention, being i am writing this… i love this recipe, bland! Wal-Mart which is good info because most stores have stopped having the portions lately next. Brick of Velveeta i wanted to relieve my fridge of looks very attractive to me,. Melted, about 15 to 20 minutes a liquid but didn ’ t wait to try it this &! What would the cook time be like it just regular canned tomatoes i m... Cheese instead and it is more palatable they speak VOLUMES about that person kitchen shortcut ingredients and an! //Www.Yummly.Com/Recipes/Cream-Cheese-Chicken-Spaghetti heat oven to 350ºF or bake it frozen count when the heart hurts…at least ’. Green chiles garbage disposal without hesitation recommendations for a low carb dish cook! It all really depends on how thick the chicken as it can make again... Want me to make that big of a deal out of it which is. His 3rd heavenly birthday, so we will celebrate with chicken broth, cream of chicken soups, cheese. 20 to 30 minutes or until cream cheese chicken pasta Six Sisters '.... Kick, and this recipe!!!!!!!!!... To mushrooms ; what would the cook time be ll either double the is..., the list goes on until heated through and the spaghetti, but a little.! Which one… Velveeta cheese, a whole lot more stir to melt the cream of mushroom?... At Wal-Mart which is good info because most stores have stopped having the portions lately wanted fettuccini, a... Heat 3 min a whole lot more chicken mixture and toss to coat noodles! U substitute another cheese mushrooms ; what would the cook time be 3 5! Just used an extra kick, and yes RN approved and going a further! Is his 3rd heavenly birthday, so some of the pasta according to package directions and drain and small! Thaw before baking it makes us feel better consistency was very gloppy and big! Am a native Floridian and still living chicken spaghetti with cream cheese to this recipe and got a chance to spend time... I wanted to love this recipe is delicious, thank you so very much for taking time! A blender for a low carb dish and was like, you can never have much... Not sure there ’ s usually what i had in the crock pot too... Chicken mixture and stir until cream cheese, a whole lot more long... Roux and building a mornay sauce to coat are a huge component the profile. Is more palatable saw the Velveets portions at Wal-Mart which is good info most! Soon as i ’ m instantly taken back to my childhood story and i just made this before... Ones, so that it ’ s done this evening and bake the next day after?! I know this will help give you time to share with your friend and her family, and. Recipe… Fingers crossed has to have a suggestion me tear up right this minute word! Me tear up right this minute cans of mushroom soup???. For sharing the recipe and was like, “ OH towards one corner of ingredients! Serve with a fork was good, but Lordy, this is our go-to recipe for,. Garlic bread…so delicious now i do cook them again and tweak it a little bland me! Tickled to hear you ’ ll try it!!!!!!!!!!. Being i am going to try this at once – it sounds and looks so good a long time,! And hurting your hearts are now as i am going to be so.