The generator has a decently long runtime of around 10 hours, which is comparable to some of the more advanced portable generator models. The gas will still go bad and the methanol in the fuel will still absorb moisture, and the finer hydrocarbons will evaporate off making the fuel less "explosive" which can made the engine harder to start. Don't hate my choice of generator. I went out today, tried to remove the spark plug, found it was stuck on there, so bypassed that step. The only minus point of this 4000-Watt generator is that the oil-fill plug is not very convenient to access and if you want to pour oil into the unit, you need to use a funnel with a long nozzle to do so. in an RV. The Predator 4000, in particular, part of the Predator line of generators is solidly built, and strictly speaking in terms of power vs. price, the generator is one of the best deals out there. Whether it’s an emergency, like a power outage, or a camping trip you want to…, When comes to power generation equipment, one company that stands at the forefront is Champion…, If you’re looking for a generator that is reliable and provides solid performance, then the…, When it comes to inverter generators, Yamaha is a highly-regarded brand. You have to make sure the OPEN operation is set to let fuel flow in proper channels. The paint-job of the generator is well applied and so far, there are no complaints about sharp edges/scratched surfaces. Portable generators are those that can be taken wherever you go and these are most appropriate for powering all the appliances, etc. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Set it outside in the sun with the gas cap off and set those hydrocarbons free. I don't know that I would try to run a 7kW generator on a 20 pound barbecue tank as it may cause the tank to frost over due to the higher withdrawal rate. Unless you plan on using this generator away from a propane source on a regular basis I would advise against a multi-fuel option. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. The RV generator should have a high engine performance and the fuel consumption of the generator should be very low. The best RV generator is usually one that is of a decent size with a compact build and is not too heavy so that it can be transported easily. 3200/4000 Watt. Please note this valve does not fit the Chicago generators or any generator that has female threads in the tank. CSE Parts LLC. Sometimes you have a generator that is full of fuel. This fuel shut off valve fits all predator generators (and most other generators in the 4000-7000 watt range) that have male threads on the gas tank. Verified to fit the following models (will work with many others as stated above): I found a label on the regulator on my propane tank that mentions 9.5-13" WC, so I guess that means it's low pressure when it comes out. This is when I noticed the excessive vibrations. Easiest way to replace pressure regulator valve. There might be some issue with the fuel line or valve. If you love going on camping trips with your family, but still like doing it in relative comfort, RVs are a great way to do just that. One thing a professional gas company should do is look at all the appliances you may have running simultaneously and make sure your regulators and piping can provide enough gas. Model 68525 8750 Watts 13hp 420cc. Firman Generators Reviews: 4 Best Models, Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Inverter Generator Review, PowerPro 56100 Generator Review: The Perfect “On-The-Go” Generator, Best Lunch Coolers For Construction Workers, Best Multimeter for Electronics Hobbyist. Engine Details: 212cc, air-cooled OHV gas engine, 6.5 HP. Features and Specs of the Predator 4000-Watt Generator. V Power Equipment will not be able to file a claim or issue any refunds for late delivery. All information is provided "AS IS." to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. (8) Fuel Cap- Access to the fuel tank for adding fuel. It was running fine no problems. If you have natural gas or a large bulk tank of propane this is the BEST fuel for your generator. This will generally be about 5–10 gallons (18.9–37.9 L). On the other hand, the Harbor Freight Tools generator is not a compact design… I'll go out and check it in the morning, maybe pop the spark plug out, and try it from there. Got it home, put the oil in the engine and some gas in the tank. The old u... My eu3000 will not start. Some RV generators can also keep your refrigerator running, electrical appliances working and also run your RV water pump. ... Model 69729 4000 Watts 6.5hp 212cc. oz. Make sure that this is set to OPEN to allow fuel to flow into the proper channels. The control panel is very accessible and contains the switches, receptacles, low oil warning light and circuits. The Predator 4000-Watt Generator is quite a heavy unit and weighs around 128 lbs, which is fine if you plan to permanently install it in your RV. Make sure that the RV generator you buy does not consume too much energy that costs more than the overall cost of the generator unit itself. Two people can handle it though. Predator 8750 maybe 2months old. If you plan to move the unit around, then you may require a wheel kit to do so. Powerhorse 51122 at $99.99. Then tip the generator to get as much fuel out of the tank as you can. Our company is dedicated to helping the world fix things by making better repairs possible for people everywhere. clearance, etc. Generator Conversion Kits to Propane and Natural Gas. Choose Options. Portable Generator Predator Predator Generators 4000 Watt Portable Generator Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions. The noise level of the generator is not only disturbing to people around, it also affects the overall quality and performance of the engine of the RV generator. submitted to our " Community Forums". But it doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home or garage workshop. This generator is perfect for … Mechanic's Assistant: What's the make and model of the generator? The unit lacks an oil drain plug, which would have made the maintenance of the unit much easier. Model 68529 6500 Watts 13hp 420cc. 4. However, before selecting the best RV generator, you should evaluate various factors before making your final purchase decision. High fuel consumption results in wastage and it also reduces the overall durability and performance of the generator. Then remove the drain bolt in the carburetor's bowl and open your fuel shut off valve. You might have a needle valve/float problem in the carburetor. Put the fuel valve tube into a collection container large enough to hold all the gas in the tank. I'm guessing the first time you tried starting the engine there was more time between when you opened the fuel shutoff which allowed it to flood. With this machine, the generator can give you a surge wattage of 8750 and a continuous wattage of 7000. Gasoline Petrol Generator Fuel Shut Off Valve Tap Gas Tank Pump Petcock Switch E. $5.83. Was forced to buy a new generator inverter this week. The unit comes with a heavy-duty steel roll protective cage. Copyright© Predator Generators 4000 Watt Portable Generator portable generator pdf manual download. This flawless-looking generator ensures that you have auxiliary power even if the grid goes down and you’re not left struggling with issues like ACs malfunctioning or lights flickering, etc. Fuel Valve Shut Off Petcock For Arctic Cat ATV 98-05 250 300 400 500 0470-445. After that, following Pilot Dane's advice, I went out and turned the valve on. Produces up to 4000 peak starting Watts and 3200 Watts of … Our kits use an internal fuel pump included in the kit to transfer fuel so the remote tank does not need to be higher than the generator to work correctly. So be sure to check it out, if you are planning to run some sensitive electronics such as laptop through your generator. A portable generator provides sufficient wattage to keep electrical appliances working outdoors. $8.99. Required fields are marked *, Features and Specs of the Predator 4000-Watt Generator, Things to Look for in the Best RV Generator. Brand New High Quality Female Fuel Tank Shutoff Valve Fits PREDATOR 69728 212cc 4000W 3200W Gasoline Generator. The fuel valve controls the flow of fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor. The predator 2000 watt inverter generator also has an economy mode to promote fuel-efficiency that you can turn on with a flip of a switch and comes with a run time of 5 hours. This kind of a generator is usually hardwired into the power of your home. Panari Carburetor + Fuel Filter for Harbor Freight Chicago Predator Generator 68527 68528 67560 67… Opened the fuel valve, no leaks for 5 minutes. Predator Generator 4000 Watt. Turn the Engine Switch to ON. Generally your propane company loves it when you tie in a device that consumes propane. V Power Equipment is currently processing and shipping orders ON TIME- however, UPS and USPS have suspended all small package delivery guarantees and will not issue refunds for late deliveries. Thanks for all the help and advice. Did you start it again and let it run for 5 minutes or so ? Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Engineers are always happy to help. Keeping the gasoline option will retain many of the problems of gasoline that you want to be rid of by using a gaseous fuel. The Predator 4000 offers a unique ingenuity that allows it to be used both for home use a well as accommodate your family’s power needs on the outdoors. Thread Size: 16 mm X 1.5 mm (Thread Size about 5/8 in, Thread Pitch about 1/16 in) Hex Nut/Cap Size: 22 mm (about 7/8 in) Diameter of Fuel Outlet Pipe: 6 mm (about 15/64 in) Package includes: 1X Female Fuel Valve 3200/4000 watt (24 pages) ... Open the Fuel Valve. Our Predator 3500 Extended Run Time Fuel kit was specifically developed to work correctly with the Predator 3500 it is not a through the cap, one size fits all or a gravity feed system. Available in max starting wattages from 4000-9000. View our Privacy Policy here. I was doing my fuel swap today, siphoned out most of it, closed up the gas tank, went to start it to exercise it with the remaining fuel, and had issues. I'm working on a Gravely zero turn with a Kohler ECV749-3013 engine. How do I know which I have? I notice that some of the US Carb kits are for high pressure propane and others are for low. Some people have had trouble being able to pass enough fuel through the snorkel for proper engine operation. 3. These are essentially stationary generators meant for running all the electrical appliances in your home or workplace when there is a power outage. 360° Protection Ethanol Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer 4 fl. 4) The fuel valve is closed or clogged. I checked as as far as I could tell everything was as it should be. You can use a gas can so that you can put the gas into your car so it doesn't go to waste (see the video for an example). This generator is a wonderful and value-for-money piece of equipment that will add immense value to your RV gear. 128 lbs is quite heavy for one person to carry. ... Fuel Valve broke off my Generac 4000EXL portable generator. In-Store Only. Model 68526 6500 Watts 13hp 420cc. Generally, we are seeing … It has an excellent build and finish. Engine Details: 212cc, air-cooled OHV gas engine, 6.5 HP. I have a shutoff valve and a 12' hose with another shutoff valve at the end which I can hook to anything (like a grill or cooker). It that something I should be concerned about or is it normal on a new engine? No leaks for about 5 minutes. problems contact home improvement and repair website. oz. The Predator 4000 generator is beautifully built and doesn’t have any dangerous and sharp edges. The red and black color of the unit is sleek and well-finished. The unit is equipped with a carburetor and a spark plug that are extremely easy to clean and it has 5 outlets. We welcome your comments and They'll figure that out for you but if you tell them you want the option to hook up a grill that's easy to do. Others are equipped with an electric start option. The leader in Portable Generator Parts. It's also what most gas grills use. can anyone shed some light on this? This type of generator is also used for agricultural and industrial applications. Stabil and other treatments help preserve gasoline but they only slow down the souring process. I figure that should be more than sufficient. You have to look at your regulators to see what pressure you have. Newsletter. Standby generators are used with a starting system and an automatic transfer switch. It will depend on whether or not you own or rent your tank and associated equipment. (10) Fuel Gauge- Indicates the alnount of fuel in the tank. By logging into your account, you agree to our. It started first pull but I noticed some white smoke coming out of the exhaust. To be specific, it uses 87+ unleaded octane. It's probably not stopping the flow of fuel into the carburetor and causing it to over flow and flood the engine. I only ran it for that 15 seconds or so.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Fuel Shut off Valve Petcock For Predator 69728 212cc 4000W 3200W Generator 6.5HP. 20A duplex outlets, 30A twist lock outlet, 12V DC outlet, 120V, 3 prong, 240V, 4 prong. It should not be bulky, it must be lightweight and at the same time, it should be sturdy and tough. Another thing you could consider is trying to find premium fuel that does not contain ethanol. If the gas tank is full, but no fuel is getting to the carburetor, there may be a problem with the fuel line or fuel valve. Draining the oil out can also be a little cumbersome, as you need to tilt the entire generator unit in order to get the oil to flow out. There are mainly 2 types of generators available – portable and standby generators. (11) Fuel valve- Allows fuel to enter engine. predator 8750 generator from habor freight. Model 69728 4000 Watts 6.5hp 212cc. This predator 2000 inverter system is fuel-efficient and produces clean power, which is perfect for sensitive electronics since it reduces surges in electricity flow. Fuel Tank Cap 45097452. for £10.99. It seemed to run fine and was not leaking fuel during or after. I would siphon or pump out as much from the fuel tank as you can get. There is a 6-gallon tank that will keep the generator running for 12 hours at 50% load. Stationary Propane Generator Installations, How to get 120/240v from generator into my house. in your RV. Produces up to 4000 peak starting Watts and 3200 Watts of continuous power. $ 6 49. I have a Harbor Freight/Predator 7000/8750 watt portable generator. For that generator I would rather see a 40 pound tank as minimum. Most of the Predator 4000 components are welded together so the entire thing feels pretty solid. Super, have you considered a conversion to gaseous fuel? Extra large fuel tank has greater capacity for extended run times. I recently had the deck off to change the belt, along with some other maintenance items like filters, plugs and lube and tire pressure. And, while you’re camping out in your RV and you want to watch some television, listen to the radio, keep your lights on and charge your mobile phone, you need an RV generator that is capable of doing all that. It eliminates all the problems of gasoline and increases the engine life considerably along with reducing the frequency of oil changes. Most portable generators have a pull-start feature and they work well even when the weather is very cold. An ideal portable RV generator should have a compact construction. RV Ready 30A Parallel Kit for Predator 2000 Inverter Generator $ 69 99. I'm not totally sold on the "motor snorkel", especially on larger engines. This line is in responsibility of controlling and following the fuel from tank to carburetor. Explore the NEW Predator 9000. 69728 4000 Watt Manual; Part Diagrams. I run stabilized fuel in it, exercise it once a month, and swap the fuel twice a year. Buy Predator 69729 Generator Parts now. suggestions. If a generator is a necessity for you to perform some medium use in a job site, I suggest you keep this one in your priority list. Need advice? Choosing an appropriate generator for your RV and for all your other electric requirements while camping will make your trip more convenient. Started fine with recoil start, ran for 10 minutes, no problems. I have a predator generator and the fuel valve petcock broke. Then you turned off the fuel shutoff and drained the carburetor's bowl and might have gotten it started before it over flowed again. However, fuel might not be reaching the carburetor. The generator should be manageable in terms of the size and weight and at the same time, it should be able to meet the minimum wattage required by the RV. Yes, 10" WC is a very common residential pressure. Savior Generator Petcock Fuel Shut Off Valve for Predator Generator Fuel Valve Alton Etq Homelite Husky Powermax Powermax Gas Fuel Tank Switch 5.5-16HP 168F 170F 173F 177F 182F 188F 190F(16mm x 1.5mm) You may freely link Even if the float and jets for gasoline use are not used when running on propane they can still gum up causing a headache the next time you want to run on gasoline. The best RV generator is one that ideally produces the least amount of noise. Compare to. Trying to find valve specs i.e. RV Ready 30A Parallel Kit for Predator 2000 Inverter Generator. ... 360° Protection Ethanol Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer 4 fl. Portable generators are smaller and less expensive compared to standby generators. View and Download Predator Generators 4000 Watt Portable Generator owner's manual & safety instructions online. Website operating This portable generator is equipped with a fuel tank that is top-mounted which is covered by a big-sized fuel cap. Predator . Cars, SUV's, Vans, Trucks, RV's, Boats and Gasoline Outdoor Power Equipment, Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines. If you run gasoline you should go through the long term storage procedure, whichever you choose. Your email address will not be published. It primarily uses gasoline. I would to know what to look for as to the cause. It is a 13 horsepower engine. But if you are going to have your gas provider do the work it doesn't matter so much. Free shipping . You should choose a generator that will meet the requirements of your RV the best. Save 30%. I put things back together as they should be and cut the yard. Model 68530 8750 Watts 13hp 420cc. A portable inverter generator is usually ideal when it comes to powering up all the appliances in your RV. USA Canada UK EU Aus NZ ... Fuel Tank Breather Valve & Hose Pipe (EPA/CARB) 70674563. for £21.99. I just bought a new TroyBilt (TB130) with a Honda engine. I also had the blades sharpened. If you’re looking for a powerful generator that can supply power to all the appliances in your RV, then the Predator 4000-Watt Generator is an ideal buy. I've got a call in to the propane company and will probably be giving US Carb a ring to clarify some details and get the ball rolling. 420CC 4-Stroke Predator Engine. $7.77. One of the most important factors that affect your purchase decision is the price of the generator and once you have narrowed your choices to a few models based on the factors such as power capacity, noise levels, fuel efficiency, reliability, etc., then look for a model that gives you the best value for your money. Concerned that I might be hydrolocking it, but light was fading and it's not mission critical right now. For most of the time, the generator doesn’t vibrate or wobble too much while in use which prevents its parts from loosening by themselves. However, you will find that the generator is not really very heavy and the weight is quite manageable once you get used to handling it. Our kit includes a fitting to fit a 20 lb cylinder, the high pressure regulator, 6' supply line, Generic Version Garretson KN Fuel Controller, the hoses and fittings to go from the KN to the adapter, longer studs or stud extenders, and the load block for adjusting the air fuel mixture. And can you guesstimate how old it is? Predator 4000 does not feature inverter technology, however Predator’s smaller 2000-Watt model does. Free shipping. for a 420cc horizontal single cylinder 4 stroke ohv engine. I have a 420# propane tank that's used right now for cooking and a gas fireplace. All rights reserved. An inverter generator is more high-tech and advanced and is more well-suited to meet the high-power requirements of an RV. Last one . i ordered a new one part # 23098563 and it was the wrong - Answered by a verified Technician. Exploded Parts Diagram; 1-4kw AVR (Ryobi 2300VNM). Overall, the Predator 4000-Watt generator is very user-friendly and has superior features. Tried giving the recoil a tug (not to start, just to feel for resistance), and it turned easily once, then gave a lot of resistance - more than normal. Is sealing old wood floor necessary before carpet tiles? Also for: 69728, 69729. (9) Fuel Filter (;up- Traps dirt and water fioln fuel before it enters the engine. (12) Ground Terminal- Connect grounding wires here to properly ground unit. It is known for…, Whether you live in an area where the power supply is erratic, or you enjoy…, Whether they’re caused by hurricanes, snowstorms, summer showers, or just a lack of power generation,…, Whether you need backup in case of a power outage or unpredictable weather, or enjoy…, Today, with increasing power consumption and acute power shortages, reliable power generators are the need…, For a portable generator weighing in at a little less than 36 pounds, the PowerPro…, Your email address will not be published. Also, since these inverters generate a “sine wave”, which is more stable, it more practical for all the RV equipment. Fuel and Oil. You guys have been amazing!