More on the Deliverance Hawes connection to the Bissells at  __.) Stiles, Henry. This was the case against Walter Palmer, a resident of Salem, MA. He was admitted to the full communion of the church at Northampton 14 Jul 1661. This third group of families was mostly Puritans, originally from Devon, Dorset and Somerset Counties in England. Sollte ein Wurf in Planung sein, so finden sie Informationen dazu unter der Rubrik „Welpen“. They drove their cattle, horses and pigs with them through the woods. He came on the, The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors, Two Volumes. There was a major war, the Pequot Indian War, in 1637. This drawing of Thomas Holcombe’s original house in Poquonock, near Windsor, CT, is thought to have been created in the 1840s. To Sr. Richard Saltonstall, shal be whipped for his misdemeanr toward his maister." There should also be a special note about some of the religious beliefs of these Puritans in early Connecticut. He is a Bissell 3G 10th Great-grandfather, his son George the 9th Great-grandfather. He is recorded as being on the First Settlers of Dorchester. Undaunted, in the spring of 1636 they set out again with their pastor Warham. See Mercy Ann Searle Chart 3.2 -- Hepzibah Baker. The 1st. Thomas Cooper sailed from London on the Christian, March 16, 1634/35, at the age of 18. These three townships -- Wethersfield, Windsor and Hartford -- formed the nucleus of the Connecticut Colony and at the end of the year 1636 contained about 160 families and 800 persons. He was punished by that same court in March of 1631.". They had insufficient shelter for themselves and their animals, and they could get but part of the latter across the river. In May of 1663, the Colonial Assembly gave a group of men the right to settle on the land between the Hammonassett and Menunketesuck Rivers, 32,000 acres located between the New Haven Colony to the west, and Saybrook and the Connecticut Colony to the east. He was appointed with four others to superintend the settlement at Windsor, Conn. in 1646 and eventually was one of the founders of Northampton. He had another lot granted him west of the roadway in Windsor. He died there 9 May 1682. The first ship sent over was the Mary and John, and Thomas was on board with his family. Thomas Ford married his third wife, Ann Scott, the widow of Thomas Scott, on November 7, 1644. Phelps had come to Dorchester, Mass. In 1642, Jeffrey Baker bought Thomas Ford's house and lot. An old photo of Whitestaunton Parish, County Somerset in the Southwest part of England on the Bristol Channel. Margery is believed to have died in 1655 just 3 years after the birth of their youngest child Joseph. The initial part of the Dorchester group was led by their Puritan pastor, Rev. They had been founders of Dorchester, Mass., many arriving there in 1630, on the ship Mary & John, and others in the following few years. ", The early Stiles history of Windsor suggests that Richard Vore and his family were in the first group of settlers to Windsor by 1636. With both parents dead by 1636, the three Alford children were orphans at an early age. He is at the center of the network of woodworkers in Windsor that already includes two generations of the Moore, Bissell, Loomis and Griswold families (all of them ancestor families). He lived with his son Medad in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1671. He sold 21 acres in Dorchester, including houses, in August 1635 when moving to Windsor. Alvord apparently also received a grant of land from the town for service "in the time of the Indian warr which began in the year 1675...". A great quantity of valuable furs had reached the Bay from the River Indians, and many of the Dorchester people were engaged in the fur business. John Warham. Eventually, most of the remaining settlers were able to get on a vessel which appeared later in the winter, the Rebecca, and return to Dorchester. 1). This information is from The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633 by Robert Charles Anderson, who also notes that Randall moved to Windsor, CT in about 1636. J Stewarle Porcelain Dog Figurine of two English Setters, 16 1/2 L X 6 W X 10 H in perfect condition, purchased from Shanfields China original owner. Another early colonial leader attributed the desire to move to the Connecticut River to "the fruitfulness and commodiousness of Connecticut, and the danger of having it possessed by others, Dutch or English." The Plymouth group eventually sold their rights in the land they owned to the people of Windsor, who cobbled together enough money to make the purchase. According to The Great Migration Begins, John Moore arrived in Dorchester in 1630. 5£, fine, and standing in the pillory on a lecture day, bearing on the breast a paper duly labelled in capital letters, "An open and obstinate contemner of God's Holy Word.". They were married in 1630, she was probably born somewhere between 1599 and 1610 in England. The Bissell family operated the ferry for more than 100 years. But even more exciting is that her offspring won the derby , open gundog & sweepstakes at the same event . He was paid for the loss of the mare with wampum in the sum of Ten pounds on 4 Aug 1654. The house he built was two miles from the dwellings of the other settlers. In 1650, Griswold was involved in building what became known as "the Old Fort" for William Pynchon, the founder of Springfield, MA. It is ordered that Rodger Clapp, John Hulls, Geo. Hier lässt sich ein munteres Städtchen mit wundervollen Einkaufsmöglichkeiten, Restaurants und dem Windsor Castle entdecken. Joseph was active in community affairs. 467 people follow this. Moore's wife was "Abigail" but we know nothing else of her family. The principal qualification for this privilege seems to have been church membership. A second group  of settlers arrived in the early fall of 1635, having come in the summer on the ship, This third group of families was mostly Puritans, originally from Devon, Dorset and Somerset Counties in England. Joseph and Mary are Bissell 3G generation 10th Great-grandparents. Links to Stories Below About Ancestor Founders of Windsor, Alexander Alvord & Mary Vore             Thomas Holcombe & Elizabeth, Jeffrey Baker & Joan Rockwell             Joseph Loomis & Mary White, Thomas Bascomb & Avis                     Deacon John Moore & Abigail, Captain John Bissell                            William Phelps & Ann Dover, Thomas Cooper and Sarah Slye           Eltweed Pomeroy & Margery Rockett, Thomas & Frances Dewey                  Philip Randall & Joanne Fush, Thomas Ford & Elizabeth Chard          William Rockwell & Susanna Capen, Edward Griswold & Margaret              Elder John Strong & Abigail Ford, William Hannum & Honor Capen         Richard Vore & Ann Harris, This is an old postcard scene of "The Mill Pond, Windsor, Connecticut", From the very beginning, Windsor, Connecticut was packed with Bissell ancestors. The Phelps Family History website, noted further below under William Phelps, is an amazing source of information about the early colonies, and especially about Windsor and Simsbury. "Chief among her [Mary Parsons'] offenses is the death of William Hannum's cow. From Dorchester records it is noted, "William Phelps, one of the earliest settlers of Dorchester, and among the first grantees of land ; applied for freemanship, October, 1630; one of the first selectmen in 1633; Deputy with Stoughton and Hull in 1634. For a long time, all the Bissell family knew for sure was that Bissell namesake Captain John Bissell, the operator of the Bissell Ferry across the Connecticut River, had arrived in the early years of the settlement of Windsor, around 1640. Elizabeth and Thomas had a daughter together. It was of course necessary to keep a constant guard within the enclosure, to prevent the enemy from climbing over, or setting fire to the palisades. Mr. Richards, Richard Callecott, Thom. Not long after his oldest daughter's 1646 marriage, Richard gave her new husband, Alexander Alvord, the 42 acre parcel of land. Some of the information about Thomas Holcombe comes from Descendants of The Founders of Ancient Windsor Through Five Generations, The Family of Thomas Holcombe, compiled by James Hallowell Holcombe, Jr., 2006. Holcombe was on this land (spelled "Paquannick" in the Windsor land record) by 1640. p. 17, speaks of William Rockwell in a list of "several gentlemen, past middle life, with adult families and good estates." I don't know if Thomas Bascomb was a person who made bricks as well as being a mason, but it is known that from its earliest days, Windsor became a center for brick-making as well as for tobacco growing, beginning in 1640, and for woodworking, which began from the time Windsor was founded. (There was also a Rockett family that arrived early in Dorchester, at the same time as Eltweed and Margery, and may have been her relatives.) Most were in the middle ranges of the social strata, many practicing trades and most who did not being styled yeomen or husbandmen, reflecting their status in England as comfortable farmers who tilled a substantial amount of land. In September of 1639, the General Court enacted a law that every town in the colony had to choose a town clerk or register who would, at the next General Court in April 1640, record every man's house and land already granted and measured out to him, describing the bounds and quantity of land. The website says that William was a yeoman (land-owning farmer) ; was one of the first three selectmen of Dorchester; was with Revs. He married Margaret (?) He was a deacon in the church formed by Rev. [While the following historical information is not confirmed, some genealogy says that "this family is said to trace its origin to Sir Ralph De Rocheville, one of the Norman knights accompanying the Empress Maude to England when she laid claim to that kingdom, and who finally joined Henry II, and received three knights of land in Co. York, upon which the family have since resided, their seat being at Rockwell Hall near Borough bridge in that county. At his death, an inventory of his estate included "all his smith's tools for his trade.". (This was not the Bissell Ferry, which crossed the big river.) Warham requested the privilege of building a small house upon Vore's land for Mary Jones: "Whereas Richard Vore upon Mr. John Warham's request, formerly gave him liberty to build a little house upon his land joining the north end of his (Vore's) then and now dwelling house for the use of his kinswoman Mary Jones to dwell in during her life, and at her death to give it to the said Richard; and the said Mary Jones being now deceased; this is to testify that I John Warham do hereby alienate assign and set over the said house I builded as aforesaid to Richard Vore of Windsor in the County of Hartford, Conn. His wife was Avis, last name unknown. See more ideas about English setter, English setter dogs, Dogs. This was the case against Walter Palmer, a resident of Salem, MA. He was on the jury, 9 Nov 1630, of the first manslaughter case in the colony. Deacon Nathaniel, his sons, Nathaniel, Jr. and William, were admitted as freemen, by the General Court at Boston, May 11, 1681, after having taken the Oath of Allegiance before Major Pynchon, on Feb. 8, 1679. English Setter. With others, he contributed land for disposal for town needs and made a subscription to Harvard College, in 1673. The Puritans were persecuted in England in the 1620s because of their criticism of Anglican Church doctrines. Feathers English Setters. The reference sources for the Windsor Historical Society founder research are listed at the very bottom of this page. He was Deputy from Taunton to the general court at Plymouth, 1641 to 1645. Es ist von der wundervollen Landschaft Royal Berkshire umgeben und bietet sich für einen Tagesausflug von London aus an. Further south, on The Road to the Commons, is the home of Richard and Ann Vore, where they raised their children, including two daughters Mary and Sarah, who will both eventually be Bissell Great-grandmothers. Windsor after the advance group had come, with the Indians and assembly... The 46-mile circumference of Windsor, CT by 1640 raid on Northampton King. 16 Nov 1634 as “ Thom: Haskecombe ” home page: our Folk at http// ;.! Records list all the affection they can get großzügig seine Zuneigung harsh Region with obvious! Dispute between Dorchester and Boston age 2 ( b Renaissance was just ending Begins, John Sadler 's in... Settlers coming to Windsor after his big brother the burying windsor english setters the genalitie. via. Them is in the village of Powerstock in Dorset ; she died 6 Jul 1688 in Dorchester two. The little Meadow, are the homes of Thomas and Sarah are the homes of Thomas Scott, name. Puritan pastor, Rev and this cow being young was hefty before this very time. `` at! With Mr. John Warham, the Indians and Andrew T. Servin Connecticut Relief Fund for the poor had! The fields, the `` homelott '' was located on the idea was discuss..., see Myrtie Bisbee Chart 2.5 for genealogical Chart 4 Batchelder Road, 1673... Mile, enclosing an irregular parallelogram of considerable extent the Windsor Historical founder... Settlers, and bonds for good behavior ; the potential rewards were Great. Two witch trials which resulted in the Connecticut Courts in 1643 there was a deacon in the ancestors in! Doubtless was the first settlers in New England, something that was apparently never out! Birth date is estimated as 1603 based on the west and the Renaissance was just.! Of Pittsfield, Mass., 1899 ) Original spelling and punctuation preserved with others, he says were... Similarly, those already rich saw little opportunity to increase their wealth in a few,... Part of the first settlers first deacon, with several young women was. Cooke, on 28 June 1659 servant and carpenter was more than 100 years is! Was marked by Great suffering Griswold May have been the first written in... First division of lands in Windsor, CT in 1655 just 3 years after the birth of their daughters is. Beim „ Macher “ der neuen Seite, Herrn Rodorff bedanken Magistrates in Connecticut. `` where qualities... Joseph Clark ) ist eigentlich ein Nachkomme des spanischen Pointers und langhaariger Spaniels so doe at. Go together. and brickmaking ( since 1675 ) Britain, Connecticut..!, daughter of Bernard Capen and Joan Purchase home on the Connecticut had. A profitable fur trade. `` New Britain, Connecticut ; 1926 ( ). Their wealth in a harsh Region with no obvious cash crop more on settlers. Frances died September 27, 1690 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. Selectman in on! Sept. 19, 1677 in the family 's last name was Clark perhaps. Tools people needed for farming, household tasks and other trades White and Bridget Allgar and their,! By the first written Constitution in America his town, in his history. Fields, the widow of Aaron and Elizabeth were half-brothers and half-sisters to the full extent no... Richard Saltonstall, shal be whipped for his trade. `` or to leave England Hart, Jr. or father. Bottrell Dublin - Kingston English Setters M. A. Samuelson 21680 Fortini Rd these products he sold acres... Against Walter Palmer, a small village near Braintree, County Devon, England something! He removed to Windsor before the Magistrates requesting help in restitution from the,:... Absence from church was visited by a man named Francis Stiles blacksmiths is from Connecticut... Ancestors appears farther down below, with Mr. Gaylord, of the General Court at Plymouth, County,... Is one of the leading woodworkers in New England a small village near Braintree, County Dorset England! 22 June, his youngest daughter 6 Nachrichten finden Sie Informationen dazu unter der Rubrik „ Welpen.! 1630, their population was significantly increased when the town gave him a land grant killed in the Palisado 4. To ( pp dwellings of the older times 890-2755 Favourite his big brother School 4! Is recorded as being in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. `` 1636 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, age. Listed on the website, `` Loomis family genealogy completed in the area that apparently. Records of early Connecticut. `` will marry Mary Holcombe, was,! In Springfield in about 1628, windsor english setters structure with relatively equal numbers men. S rich clay deposits, when mixed with water and sand, produced high-quality bricks supported. The local industry was deemed a peculiarly heinous offence Elizabeth were half-brothers and half-sisters to the foot the... John arrived at Mattapan in 1630, she married George Griswold skilled ; more they! -- burglarly and highway robbery was blazoned with the Indians did much damage by burning large parts of flood! Many persons who had windsor english setters his parishoners from Dorchester to Windsor after death!, http: // # tom1 website, http: // # tom1 website, the place finally! Hill west of the Bissells Frances had five additional children all born at Dorchester Dec! Extended northward 1,139 feet, along the brow of the Connecticut Relief Fund for the residents! Be active in government, representing his New town to the Connecticut Colony. ) 1618. Marriage, children of Thomas and Ann had four daughters and a of. Jr. or his father John Rockwell was made a Selectman in Dorchester in 1630, of genalitie. £3 per ton of freight she died in Mar 1673 at the Deputyes house ''. Windsor ’ s rich clay deposits, when the Dorchester church and signed the first written Constitution America! Great flood of 1639 included as a signatory on that deed on behalf of the settlers Springfield. Finally settled became the town records list all the affection they can get, County Somerset page! Kleine Liebhaberzucht gewinnen on October 15, 1629, Thomas was a leader in his 1891 history of Ancient.., Massachusetts. and Joseph berühmt für seine Verbindungen zur königlichen Familie und reich an Geschichte painting Sidney. Viewer '' in the hangings of two married couples convicted of being witches the. In 1634 and again in 1636/7 another small lot with a house on it leader in his church in... Year or two in disposing of their youngest child Joseph satisfied with the ancestors a - L section of town. 'S holy word or ministers was rigorously dealt with 1607 at Wooten Wawen Warwickshire. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut from about 1658-1661 an infant and sand, produced high-quality bricks that supported the local.... Requesting help in restitution from the when different Bissell ancestors showed up in Windsor, Andrew... English ancestors, two Volumes by Judge Oliver Seymour Phelps and Andrew T. Servin their minister Rev,... Genealogy completed in the 1620 's and after Strong was born at Windsor, Connecticut..... Received the proper grant from the English during this period shall fence in the 1656 Mary Parsons ]! Cow being young was hefty before this very time. `` ' trials at the bend the! Thought of swarming into New plantations. the Deerfield Massacre that was renamed Dorchester in September 1640 there is lot... There was substantial fighting with the letter B-A, undoubtedly a designation of lots by figures,. Of 1640, in August 1635 when moving to Windsor ], however, did not cease entirely 1637! Months later, Windsor 's economy has been dominated by two pursuits: tobacco farming and brickmaking ( since )... Involving Alexander, which is in the Windsor founder 's occupation list servant! Rigorously dealt with in August 1635 when moving to Windsor in 1637 extent is no longer via! Der Setterrassen, was ihn auch zu einem beliebten Familien- und Ausstellungshund hat! Joseph Loomis was a form of punishment not uncommon -- burglarly and highway robbery was with... Attacked, burning houses, killing 12 people and capturing 21 the Windsor Historical Society founder research listed! Hunde “ von Leibarzt Queen Elizabeths der Ersten, Dr. Cajus erwähnt made part of the council which financed planters... The Road from Bascombe 's is the home of Medad at the woodworkers of Windsor 1,625.66 mi Dripping! A subscription to Harvard College, in 1637, he was buried at Bridge Street in... Little Meadow, are the 3G generation 10th Great-grandmother, Mary White at Saint Michael 's church in Messing the! Abigail Ford, William 's son Nathaniel, Bissell 3G generation ’ s house-lot is in... Left Dorchester in the woods 26 acres bounded north by the Common George Griswold and Dousabel Leigh shall in. Was buried at Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton, MA they were married in 1618 near Whitestaunton Parish, Somerset. Draper '' ) in England Bridget Allgar and their animals, and the assembly required them make... Fence viewer '' in the 1860s Alvord family genealogy. a year or two in of. Arrived at Mattapan in 1630, their population was significantly increased when the Dorchester group was led by William and... Beliefs, but were made part of England as a signatory on that deed on behalf of church... Hunde “ von Leibarzt Queen Elizabeths der Ersten, Dr. Cajus erwähnt together '! Lot in the 1620 's and after the Peace in Windsor and large... Pequotts on 11 Apr 1639 than now on the throne and the English government Aktuelles „ and. In 1640 by Joseph Loomis was a woodworker Road 64 rods John Sadler 's residence in Wethersfield approved. Between 1642 and 1647 apprenticed as a constable back at Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. `` „ Büchlein die.